Foreign and domestic insurance companies, financial institutions, government departments & ministries, government agencies & contractors, and healthcare organizations have relied on Vetted's unique capabilities in over 60 countries worldwide.

Whether your industry is government, insurance, or the private sector, Vetted has a solution for you!

We follow all applicable state/national laws and industry best practices with respect to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). We are compliant with all Armed Forces Repository of Specimen Samples for Identification of Remains (AFRSSIR) and Department of Defense (DoD) guidelines.

We offer DNA Banking services to both the public and private sector:


DNA is the preferred method for remains identification and repatriation as the dental panograph program is phased-out.


We offer DNA sample collection (via a cheek swab) and child/adult ID kits to provide you with the tools necessary in the event your loved one is abducted or missing.


DNA samples expedite remains identification and repatriation, as well as the ability to receive claims, or settlements, from insurance policies.

With staff around the globe, we have unique access, unparalleled experience and intercultural expertise minimize the obstacles routinely faced by others.

Responsiveness, open communication, careful coordination and strategic planning give our clients the peace of mind in times of medical crisis. What makes us different than other providers is that we have staff already on the ground, ready to respond, ensuring all assignments are completed safely and expeditiously.

The benefits of pre-deployment screenings are to certify that the employee meets the pre-established requirements to properly perform their duties. This mitigates the risk of life threating medical problems occurring in theater, which lowers the cost of medical care and insurance for the employer.

Our background screening services are an invaluable tool to protecting businesses and work environments. 39% of all background screenings contain at least one serious flag. Screening for possible incriminating history of prospective or current employees is a small investment in comparison to the cost companies face when such information is revealed too late.

Expedite indemnity payments, settlements, and cash transactions anywhere around the globe for a fraction of your existing costs. Our corporate policies and strict compliance with federal regulations guarantee that all transactions follow Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requirements.

Simply stated, we can make global wire transactions faster and cheaper than any internal system or external vendor around the world.

Vetted is committed to saving lives and safeguarding communities, at home and abroad.